UrbanPhotoFest: The Yellow Star Houses of Budapest

PV: Sat 11 Nov | 6 – 8PM

Art Hub Gallery + UrbanPhotoFest present…

The Yellow Star Houses of Budapest

– By photographer Nigel Swann

© Nigel Swann

About the show
As a photographer who holds that the ’cartographic’ map is only as the last photograph taken, Swann’s current exhibition The Yellow Star Houses of Budapest is geared to both freeze the past historic moment in time and to open it up to possible present and future remapping and disputable interpretations. These photographs map a current interpretation of a significant historical moment in the history of the Hungarian Capital, the map drawn in these photographs is a highly selected part of a vast urban labyrinth of almost 2000 apartment blocks that created, by the government decree, these ‘dispersed ghettos’ in June 1944.

About the Artist
Nigel Swann was born in Ireland 1962 he studied at the National College of Art and Design Dublin. Graduating in 1985 with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture he the worked in photography based industries in London. He Returned to Ireland in 1997 to found the photographic production company Swann Production (swannproduction.com) which entices and facilities international photographic ‘shoots’ into the country. His current photographic archive covers countries such as Japan, Sri Lanka, Portugal, France and the Central European countries, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, with a specific and recent focus on Hungary.

About the festival
UrbanPhotoFest aims to provide an engaging and culturally relevant programme that reflects on visual approaches to contemporary urban life and the image of the city. The programme of events includes the Urban Encounters conference, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, urban walks and portfolio reviews; all of which are overseen by a steering group of lens-media artists and urban researchers. The festival collaborates with a number of international arts and academic institutions, established and emerging artists, urban theorists and researchers. Together their work addresses critical urbanism within its varied and diverse forms, and explores how photography plays an important role in opening up debates about urban change, voice and the condition of the city.

PV: Sat 11 Nov | 6 – 8PM

OPEN: Fri 10 – Wed 15 | 12 – 6PM
Artist: Nigel Swann

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