Goldsmiths BA Media & Communications Interim Photography Show

PV: Wed 13th Dec | 6 – 9PM


– A Goldsmiths BA Media & Communications final year photography interim show.

Art Hub are excited to host the Goldsmiths BA Media & Communications photography interim show.


Work In Progress combines the current work of the Goldsmiths BA Media and Communications students specialising in photography. They will graduate with a full degree show in the summer of 2018. The work exhibited at this interim show is an extension of the conceptual and technical developments made throughout their photographic journey so far, as well as a look towards the work with which they will finish their degree. Their photography is grounded in three concepts: the camera as apparatus, creating fictional worlds, and photographs as an extension and exploration of the self.

All twenty-three students have produced unique work which spans a variety of topics, making this a unique opportunity to gain an insight into their individual practice.


Aaron Villa, Anna Deater-Deckard, Annie Harmeston, Cagin Ozsoy, Camilla Simmons, Charlotte Forsyth, Christopher Chung, Clara Moeschlin, Elise Miccolis, Ella Lock, Isaac Sun, Joseph Mcgee, Jessica Hayes, Joseph Mooney, Kieran Irvine, Lydia Meester, Margherita Giannotti, Michelle Tsang, Miseon Im, Ryan Wills, Stephanos Africanos, Tabitha Carver, Wendy Yang

PRIVATE VIEW: Wed 13 Dec | 6 – 9PM

OPEN: Wed 13 – Sun 17 | 11 – 5

Art Hub Gallery, 5-8 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 4SA


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