• Total Studios: 80: 60 2nd floor | 20 Ground floor
  • Total Artists: 150+
  • Printmaking Equipment: Intaglio: 3 etching presses, glass topped benches, water bath, blotters, drying boards, saline sulphate for zinc, Edinburgh etch for copper, aquatint box, hotplate, hard and soft ground. // Relief: Hoe press (like an Albion press), book press, glass topped benches, drying racks. // Screen - paper & fabric: 2 large vacuum tables, 2 large fabric tables, drying racks, squeegees, washout unit, exposure unit, coating troughs, screens available to hire.
  • Ceramics: large kiln, small sampling kiln, electronic wheel, shared workspace
  • Carpentry: chop saws, table saw, drills, sanders, work benches, general tools i.e. hammers, screwdrivers etc
  • Services: Bespoke picture framing (Framework Framing)
  • Perks: 24/7 access, free wifi, free parking, kitchen area, electricity + water incl, good natural light, high ceilings
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