Exhibition: Nucleations: Laid of the Gravid

Lab.0, 2016, Rhiane Aurielle

PV: Thu 10 May 2018 | 6-9PM.

OPEN: FRI 11 – 12-8PM | SAT 12 – SUN 13 – 12-6PM.

ARTISTS: Rhiane Aurielle & Grace Emily Manning


Nucleations: Laid of the Gravid presents sculptural, 2D and moving image works by artists Rhiane Aurielle and Grace Emily Manning.

The artists consider material as the mother being, an origin for swellings of rebirth that carries the potentiality of suspending life through phases of nucleation. Through a biocentric perspective, Aurielle and Manning consider the significance of material in relation to bodies; the spherical interconnectedness between these two entities and the laboratory as both a scientific and fictional environment. Here, there is an implied place of elsewhere, the medical yet mythical, a speculative factual beyond realm.

Aurielle and Manning synthesise the mechanist with the vitalist and the material with the ideal. Their work sees nature as a single ubiquitous  substance that is both matter and spirit, a universe of animated, gravid matter.



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