Exhibition: MALVERNS


On a May morning



The Malvern Hills rise in great undulating mounds out of what was once the Silurian Sea. They stand alone in a chain, composed mainly of igneous rocks such as granite. They are amongst the oldest rocks in England.

This exhibition presents the work of 6 artists who like Turner and Nash before them took to the Malverns to draw, paint, walk and in the evening discuss production. The artists in this show were specifically invited to take part in the project because they are so different, and thus the viewer is invited to examine the diverse ways in which one place can be depicted in so many individual ways.


Tim Craven, Tim Cousins (Curator), Fritz Duffy, Belinda Ellis, Annie Glueck, Fiona McIntyre

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 12 April | 6 – 9PM

OPEN: Thu 12 – Sun 22 | 12 – 5 (Thu – Sun)

Art Hub Gallery, 5-9 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 4SA


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