→ Located at our Woolwich site, our print space offers a wide range of equipment across screen printing, intaglio and relief processes. Studio holders can use the facilities 24/7 once inducted and assessed by our print technician, while proficient non members can use our open access facility every Friday (booking required)

→ For those wanting to learn, we run workshops teaching people the techniques of printmaking

→ We also offer a screen printing service, perfect for artists wanting to turn artworks in editions




Intaglio: 3 etching presses, glass topped benches, water bath, blotters, drying boards, saline sulphate for zinc, Edinburgh etch for copper, aquatint box, hotplate, hard and soft ground

Relief: Hoe press (like an Albion press), book press, glass topped benches, drying racks

Sikscreen - paper & fabric: 2 large vacuum tables, 2 large fabric tables, drying racks, squeegees, washout unit, exposure unit, coating troughs, screens available to hire


→ Our workshops give people the opportunity to learn a variety of printmaking processes at Art Hub’s print space, Woolwich.

→ Workshops include screen printing on fabric, screen printing on paper, linocut, mono printing, etching

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Open Access.

→ Open access runs every Friday

→ You will also need to have an induction at the beginning of your first session (£15)

Sessions: 10AM - 1PM | 2PM - 5PM | £20 per session


Screen Printing Service.

→ We also offer a full silkscreen printing service,

→ For artists, illustrators and designers wanting their artworks turned into editions


Monoprint Parties!

→ Mono printing is a great way of bringing people together
→ It’s instant and fun with plenty of avenues to explore
→ Plus you get a load of your own prints to take home

Perfect for: Team building days, birthday parties, office parties, family bonding
Number of people: 10-15
Length: 2.5 hours (Saturdays only)





Unit 2b, Building 28, Westminster Industrial Estate, Woolwich, SE18 5TF

Stations: Charlton - 15 mins walk
Buses: 161 177 180 472


Print Technician: Helen Ashton
Wed + Fri: 10 - 5